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Six String Supplies — Guitar Wiring Kits

Guitar Wiring Kits

Our premium guitar wiring kits consist of the highest quality components and are the most authentic way to upgrade your electronics to the same standard as high end guitars. All of our wiring kits come with easy to read, colour wiring diagrams for easy installation.

They are perfect if you are building your own guitar or make a fantastic and easy upgrade to imported models and guitar kits. They are also great for replacing and upgrading the stock electronics in high end guitars. The components in our wiring kits such as orange drop capacitors, CTS "TVT" (True Vintage Taper) pots, genuine Switchcraft and CRL switches with push back cloth wire are the go to choice for luthiers, builders and guitar techs worldwide. Guitar wiring can be a pain - these kits make it easy. Each wiring kit we supply also comes with easy installation instructions.

We stock guitar wiring kits for the most classic models including Telecaster, Stratocaster, Les Paul and bass. The "TVT" (True Vintage Taper) pots are hand selected and measured to within a tolerance of 7% of each other giving you smoother and more rounded controls. We also offer durable guitar and bass wiring templates which can be kept and used for future wiring jobs.