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Towner USA Vibrato Systems

Bigsby Retrofit Solutions by Towner - Towner Vibrato Guitar Part Systems delight guitar players around the world with their patented and innovative (screwless) vibrato systems for Bigsby users.

The Towner Down Tension Bar is a truly remarkable piece of kit - installation is easy with no extra drilling required and it provides unparalleled string tension and tuning stability with Bigsby products.

The Towner Hinge Plate Adaptor on the other hand lifts your guitar's strap lock up above the slot in the Bigsby tailpiece - resulting in a nice flat surface for the strap lock or button to rest on. The best part of the Hinge Plate Adaptor is that it fits with just one screw (i.e the strap button screw) eliminating the need for extra drilling.

The Towner Down Tension Bar, Hinge Plate Adapter and V. Block System are designed and manufactured to offer unrivaled string tension control and to protect the integrity of your guitar in San Diego, California.