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Six String Supplies — Telecaster Wiring Diagram

Telecaster Wiring Diagram

The classic 3-way Telecaster wiring setup. One of the world's most popular guitars, the Telecaster has undergone a few changes and makeovers since its intitial release as the Broadcaster in the 1950s. This is the wiring diagram of the classic Telecaster based on our wiring kit.

The diagram uses a 0.047uF capacitor but you can change this for whatever value you prefer. For a darker tone, try a 0.1uF capacitor as was used back in the 50s. Modern day Telecasters use 0.047 or 0.05 but 0.22 and 0.33 are also popular. You can also use this wiring setup in the Stratocaster - also known as the "Nashville Strat"

3 way telecaster wiring diagram.

Put this diagram into practice using our video guide on how to wire a Telecaster.


Telecaster wiring diagrams

4-Way Switch Telecaster

1969 Telecaster Thinline

'72 Telecaster Deluxe

Wiring in Series (with push pull pot)

Volume and Tone Bypass - Telecaster