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Solderless Guitar Wiring Kits | Six String Supplies

Solderless Guitar Wiring Kits

Our solderless guitar wiring kits completely remove the hassle of having to solder! Guitar wiring can be bit of a pain at times, especially if you do not have the patience, confidence or equipment to solder properly. Our solderless kits are identical to our prewired harnesses in every way, except we have removed the necessity to use a soldering iron for easy installation. Using the finest, German made screw terminals, you simply need a screwdriver and the ability to read a simple diagram to give your guitar or bass a new lease of life.

All of our solderless wiring kits use the same components in our classic prewired kits - SSS Premium Taper® pots manufactured by CTS to our specs (measured to a tolerance of 8%), CRL USA spring action blade switches, push back cloth covered hook up wire, SSS paper in oil (PIO) capacitors and Switchcraft jack sockets.

It is a sad reality that many guitar manufacturers skimp out on the electronics to cut costs - keep your guitar's engine room running smoothly with these high end upgrades. Each kit uses the finest components available.