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Towner V Block System


TOWNER V.BLOCK, Down Tension Bar and Hinge Plate Adaptor System

Designed for the BIGSBY® B3 vibrato tailpieces ONLY.

The Towner V.BLOCK simply acts as a 1/2″ shim to set back the BIGSBY® B3 spring cup away from butting up against the stop tailpiece stud. As a result, the V.BLOCK allows the BIGSBY® to lay properly on the guitar body, maintaining integrity and tuning stability.

The TOWNER V.BLOCK System works best with LES PAUL or similar short type guitar bodies that use a Bigsby B3 tailpiece.

The Towner Down Tension Bar manages your sustain controlling your break angle - low string tension often results in loose strings when using vibrato tailpieces.

The Towner Down Tension Bar fits into the tailpiece studs allowing you to easily and manually adjust the height of the bar.

The TOWNER Hinge Plate Adaptor is designed to lift your strap lock or strap button out above the slot in BIGSBY® B3 hinge plates for easier access to your strap lock or strap button. Some strap lock buttons (notably Schaller, Dunlop and Grover) and strap buttons frustratingly do not fit between the slot of the BIGSBY® B3 hinge plates.

The TOWNER Hinge Plate Adaptor slot provides room for exact placement of the BIGSBY®.

The TOWNER Hinge Plate Adaptor acts as a retainer holding the BIGSBY® tailpiece to the guitar body with a 2″ screw placed through the strap button, meaning you don't have to drill the four extra screws into your guitar provided with BIGSBY® B3 tailpieces.

The Towner Down Tension bar is designed to fit Gibson tailpiece studs.

If installing into a non-Gibson guitar - check the neck width of the tailpiece studs - they need to be no wider than 0.265'' at the neck.

If you need replacement studs - we stock metric tailpiece studs to fit Towner USA products.