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Six String Supplies — Towner Down Tension Bar (Gold)

Towner Down Tension Bar (Gold)

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A simply unique retrofit solution for Bigsby products. If you have ever had the problem of your strings moving all over the bridge, or tuning instability, that is due to a lack of string tension. The Towner Down Tension Bar (DTB) simply slots into the tailpiece studs and anchors (ie. no drilling necessary) and allows you to manually adjust the string tension.

The Towner DTB relieves you from having to drill any extra holes in the guitar body, protecting the integrity of your guitar. Installation is easy and hassle free with no need for the extra expense of taking your a guitar to a guitar tech to install for you.

Manufactured by Towner USA - their products are fast becoming a staple of guitarists worldwide.

Note - this product is compatible with Bigsby B3, B6, B11, B30 and B60.

For further information on this product please visit the
Towner USA website

Please note - the Towner Down Tension Bar fits Gibson tailpiece studs - if fitting into a non-Gibson, you need to ensure that the studs are no wider than 0.265'' at the neck.

Est. Delivery: 1-2 days