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Towner Down Tension Bar | Six String Supplies

Towner Down Tension Bar


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An original system that allows you to manage your guitar strings sustain with a BIGSBY® vibrato tailpiece.

The DTB is fast becoming an essential piece of hardware of Bigsby users. Have you ever had your strings fall off the bridge as a result of no string tension? Your problems are over.

Better yet, the TOWNER DOWN TENSION BAR relieves you from having to drill any extra holes in the guitar body - the tension bar simply slots into the tailpiece studs and anchors commonly found on Les Paul and SG guitars.

With no drilling and easy installation, this is a must have product if you are looking for more control and tuning stability whilst using a Bigsby.

Note - the bar is made to fit Gibson USA tailpiece studs - you need to make sure your studs are no wider than 0.265'' at the neck. If you require new studs, we stock metric tailpiece studs to fit Gibson guitars and this product.

Please note - this tension bar is compatible with Bigsby B3, B6, B11, B30 & B60

For further information on this product please visit the
Towner USA website.

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