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Towner Down Tension Bar

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An original system that allows you to manage your guitar strings sustain with a BIGSBY® vibrato tailpiece.

The DTB is fast becoming an essential piece of hardware of Bigsby users. Have you ever had your strings fall off the bridge as a result of no string tension? Your problems are over.

Better yet, the TOWNER DOWN TENSION BAR relieves you from having to drill any extra holes in the guitar body - the tension bar simply slots into the tailpiece studs and anchors commonly found on Les Paul and SG guitars.

With no drilling and easy installation, this is a must have product if you are looking for more control and tuning stability whilst using a Bigsby.

Note - the bar is made to fit Gibson USA tailpiece studs - you need to make sure your studs are no wider than 0.265'' at the neck. If you require new studs, we stock metric tailpiece studs to fit non-Gibson guitars and this product.

Please note - this tension bar is compatible with Bigsby B3, B6, B11, B30 & B60

For further information on this product please visit the
Towner USA website.