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Top Hat Control Knobs (Black or Gold) | Six String Supplies

Top Hat Control Knobs (Black or Gold)


The classic Gibson® style top hat control knobs with labelled chrome or gold inserts. Found on a whole range of guitars, these control knobs are push fit and will fit our SSS Premium® CTS pots (and other US imperial pots such as Bourns)

Sold in sets of 2

1 x volume
1 x tone

If you are buying for a Les Paul®, SG or other 4 controlled guitar you will need to purchase two sets.

Colour - choose from black or gold control knobs with either a silver or gold insert.

These knobs are a perfect side kick to our Les Paul® or Les Paul Junior® wiring kit if you are installing them into an imported model or copy. Many imported models use metric pots and so if upgrading the electronics to include CTS pots, you will need to replace the control knobs too.

These knob sets are recessed internally, meaning the control knobs sit flush with your guitar body rather than leaving that irritating floating gap.