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Telecaster® Wiring Kit | Six String Supplies

Telecaster® Wiring Kit

£39.95 - £53.40

A classic 3-way Telecaster® wiring kit.

This Tele® wiring kit makes a perfect upgrade to many imported models and is perfect if you are building your own guitar or for upgrading the electronics that come with many DIY guitar kits.

The components are from the highest quality manufacturers in the guitar industry - CTS, Switchcraft and CRL are the staple choice of techs and luthiers worldwide.

The CRL spring action 3 way switch is highly regarded and considered as superior to the OAK Grigsby switches found in many modern Telecasters. Spring action lever switches were commonplace on vintage Telecasters (and Strats too!)

Tele® Wiring Kit Includes:

- 2 x SSS Premium Taper® 250k solid shaft pots (CTS)
- 1 x 0.047uF 100v orange drop capacitor
- 1 x Treble bleed cap (0.001uF orange drop + 150k resistor)
- 4ft of US made, 22 gauge, cloth covered wire (2ft black, 2ft white),
- 1 x CRL USA 3-way Tele® switch (with spring action)
- 1 x Switchcraft USA 1/4'' mono jack socket.
- Optional SSS Premium® PIO capacitor upgrade

We also include heat shrink tubing to place around the connections of the jack for a longer lasting more durable connection.

The 0.047uF orange drop capacitor perfectly compliments the single coil pickups.

Treble Bleed Circuit Mod
This Telecaster® kit comes with a prewired treble bleed circuit which you add to the volume control resulting in a clearer, more consistent and more rounded volume sweep from 1-10. It retains the high end notes which are often lost (think the muddy, fuzzy tone) when the volume is decreased.

All of our kits come with an easy to read wiring diagram.

Will this fit my guitar?
This kit will fit genuine Fender Telecasters and can be used in countless Tele® style imported models and copies. The pot shaft diameter is 9.52mm so if installing into an imported copy you may be required to drill the control plate holes to M10.

You may also be required to purchase new control knobs. Many imported models use small pots so you will need imperial control knobs that fit the larger CTS pots.

For installation instructions, read our Telecaster® wiring guide.

If you want to add that little bit extra, why not try our 4-way Telecaster® wiring kit