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Switchcraft® Short Frame Toggle Switch | Six String Supplies

Switchcraft® Short Frame Toggle Switch


A Switchcraft® short frame toggle switch. There are simply no rivals in toggle switch technology and this product is used by high end guitar builders worldwide. This switch comes with mounting nut included.

The short frame Switchcraft® toggle switch has a longer thread than the long frame version and as such is suited for guitars with thicker tops. This switch is ideal for Epiphone guitars.

This model is perfect for cramped spaces - with a longer thread length of 8mm compared to 5mm.

The switch lugs come pre-tinned to allow for easy soldering.

Finish: nickel plated.


8mm thread length
12mm thread diameter
23.5mm depth of switch that sits inside the guitar body

Switchcraft switch tips are sold separately and available in black, cream or amber.

For further information on how to install this product, refer to the video below or read our step by step walkthrough on how to wire a Switchcraft® Toggle Switch

Switchcraft® p/n 12120X