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Switchcraft® Right Angle Toggle Switch | Six String Supplies

Switchcraft® Right Angle Toggle Switch


The right angle Switchcraft® toggle switch was designed for cramp spaces in terms of guitar wiring. The right angle construction is ideal for flat and thin guitar bodies where the classic toggle switch does not fit.

This switch is commonly found in the Gibson SG, ES-335 and the Fender Telecaster Deluxe, Jazzmaster and Jaguar wiring.

Please note - as per all of our toggle switches, the lugs have been pre-tinned to allow for easier soldering.

Thread length = 4.76mm
Finish - nickel plated

Note - Due to the thread length, it may not be long enough for some instruments. In this case, we recommend purchasing the deep thread Switchcraft® nut to ensure it fits through your guitar.

This toggle switch will fit a Gibson SG in conjunction with the deep threaded nut

Switchcraft switch tips are sold separately and available in black, cream or amber.

Switchcraft® p/n 12013X