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Switchcraft® 1/4'' Jack Sockets | Six String Supplies

Switchcraft® 1/4'' Jack Sockets

£2.95 - £3.95

Switchcraft® - The name says it all. They began life producing parts for the booming telephone industry - until a certain Mr Leo Fender approached them and began using Switchcraft® jacks in his guitars. They haven't looked back ever since and Switchcraft® jacks are the "go-to" product for guitar techs, luthiers and guitarists worldwide.

This jack socket is the industry standard, offering superior quality and durability over non-branded jacks fitted on many guitars. Its the perfect choice for most standard and high end electric guitars and basses and is the staple for high end guitars.

A solid, high quality jack. A combination of the spring angle and the long lasting contacts ensure a durable jack with a clear and cackle free signal. Available in mono, longer threaded and stereo versions.


Switchcraft® 1/4'' jack:
Socket Diameter: 1/4''
Thread length: 5mm

Switchcraft® 1/4'' long thread jack:
Socket diamter: 1/4''
Thread length: 8mm

Switchcraft 1/4'' stereo jack:
Socket Diameter: 1/4''
Thread length: 5mm

If you are using a Tele style guitar or a guitar with a deeper routed jack pocket then you can also use the longer threaded version. The long thread Switchcraft® jack socket is also used on Gibson SG and ES 335 models (or any guitar where the jack socket goes through the body, rather than a jack plate on the side).

We have a detailed photo guide on guitar jack wiring