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Switchcraft 1/4'' Jack - Long Thread | Six String Supplies

Switchcraft 1/4'' Jack - Long Thread


The big brother of the classic Switchcraft mono jack, this is the longer threaded version.

This jack socket is the industry standard, offering superior quality and durability over non-branded jacks fitted on many guitars. Its the perfect choice for most standard and high end electric guitars and basses and is found is commonly found in Fender, Gibson and many others. In fact, Switchcraft started out as an audio connectors and plugs manufacturer for the booming telephone industry in the early part of the 20th century, before a certain Leo Fender approached them about using their output jacks in his line of electric guitars...

This jack socket has a longer than the classic Switchcraft output jack for easier assembly, particularly useful with Tele style guitars or similar models that require a "cup" to hold the jack in place.

Thread length - 9.5mm - 3/8''
Type - 1/4'' mono