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Stratocaster® Wiring Kit | Six String Supplies

Stratocaster® Wiring Kit

£43.95 - £57.40

Our Strat® wiring kit consists of some of the best components on the market today and is perfect for improving the overall tone and performance of your Strat®.

The orange drop is known throughout the industry for its sweet, mellow tone and the 0.047uf capacitor included in this kit complements single coil pickups perfectly.

The CRL spring action 5 way switch is regarded as one of the best in the industry and superior to and longer lasting than the OAK Grigsby switch currently found in many modern Fenders.

Stratocaster® wiring kit includes:

- 3 x SSS Premium Taper® 250k split shaft pots (CTS)
- 1 x 0.047uf Orange Drop capacitor
- 2ft of black cloth wire and 2ft of white cloth wire
- 1 x CRL USA 5 way switch (with spring action)
- 1 x Switchcraft USA 1/4'' jack socket
- Heat shrink tubing
- Optional treble bleed capacitor (0.001uF orange drop + 150k resistor)
- Optional SSS Premium PIO capacitor upgrade

The heat shrink tubing provided is used to insulate key joints (i.e. the joints on the output jack) and it is particularly useful to funnel all of the pickup wires together.

Treble Bleed Upgrade
This wiring kit comes with a treble bleed. This 0.001uF capacitor gets soldered to your volume control and offers a more uniform sweep from 1-10. It retains the high end notes as the volume is rolled back.

Will this fit my guitar?
Our Strat wiring kit will fit all genuine Fender® USA/MIM Stratocasters and will also fit the majority of Strat® copies and imported models. Many imported models use the smaller Eastern pots and so you may be required to drill your pickguard holes to M10 diameter to accommodate the larger USA pot shafts.

You may also be required to purchase new control knobs. Many imported models use small pots so you will need imperial control knobs that fit the larger CTS pots.

All of our kits come with an easy to read wiring diagram. Installation is as easy as it gets.

For help on using our Strat® wiring kit please refer to our guide on wiring a Stratocaster®