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Six String Supplies — Strat® Control Knob Set (Various)

Strat® Control Knob Set (Various)


Est. Delivery: 1-2 days

Replacement control knob set for Fender® Strat® - these control knobs are push fit and will fit USA sized pots (imperial 24 spline pots) such as CTS and Bourns. We also include a matching switch tip (to fit US made switches such as CRL and OAK Grigsby) and tremolo arm tip.

Sold as a complete set;

1 x Volume
2 x Tone
1 x blade switch tip
1 x tremolo tip

Colour - choose from either black, white, vintage cream or mint green.

If you are purchasing one of our Strat wiring kits to upgrade an imported guitar which currently uses metric pots, you will need to replace the control knobs too.


  • Black 3 in-stock
  • White 4 in-stock
  • Mint Green 2 in-stock
  • Parchment 5 in-stock
  • Vintage Cream 2 in-stock

Est. Delivery: 1-2 days