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SSS Premium Taper® Pots - 250k | Six String Supplies

SSS Premium Taper® Pots - 250k


Introducing SSS Premium Taper® pots.

Our custom spec pots designed in conjunction with CTS offer a superior audio quality to standard CTS pots on the market and were designed with a unique audio taper specifically for guitar and bass players offering the ultimate in tonal performance, accuracy and control.

SSS Premium Taper® pots are individually hand measured to tolerance of 8% ensuring they fall within our stated and expected tolerances.

Manufactured with a lovely, smooth torque - not too loose, not too stiff, SSS Premium Taper® pots have no choking, drop offs or surges when dialling the controls up or down with a proprietary custom audio taper giving a more usable sweep from 0 to 10.

We will never supply you a pot measuring below 250k. So within a +8% tolerance, this is anywhere between 250k-270k


- Proprietary custom audio taper
- 8% resistance tolerance
- Longer life brass shaft and bushing
- Tin plated casing for easy soldering
- Anti-static lubricant guarantees a reliable and glitch-free operation
- Traditional flat back cover
- Bakelite terminal board

Available in solid or split shaft versions.

- Shaft Diameter: 6.35mm (5.95mm for split shaft, 24 spline for US spec knobs)
- Shaft Height: 6.35mm (1/4'')
- Thread bushing height: 6.35mm (1/4'')
- Required Mounting Hole: 9.52mm (3/8'')
- 3/8'' x 32 thread

Each pot comes complete with lock washer, flat washer and nut.

We also stock SSS Premium Taper 500k pots available in both short and long shaft.

Want to bulk up for a few projects? We offer these in bulk packs of 10 or 20.