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Solderless Telecaster Harness | Six String Supplies

Solderless Telecaster Harness


Introducing the new solderless version of our best selling 3 way Tele harness.

The solderless Telecaster harness is identical to our classic kit in every way - the same pots, capacitors, switch and jack socket.

- 2 x SSS Premium Taper® 250k solid shaft pots
- 1 x CRL 3 way blade switch
- 1 x 0.047uF paper in oil capacitor
- 1 x treble pass capacitor (treble bleed mod)
- 1 x Switchcraft USA 1/4'' jack socket
- Easy to use screw terminal
- Easy to follow wiring diagram

Our solderless kits are designed with easy installation in mind - for those who do not have the confidence or equipment to solder, the solderless solution removes all hassle.

Simply screw your pickup and ground wires into the designated screw terminal on top of the volume pot and you're ready to go.

Every one of our wiring harnesses comes on a reusable template, ideal for future wiring jobs.

Please note prewired kit orders take 5 business days to assemble and pack. Refer to our shipping policy