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Solderless Strat Blend Harness | Six String Supplies

Solderless Strat Blend Harness


Est. Delivery: 1-2 days.

Our best selling Strat blend control wiring harness now available in solderless format!

Consisting of a master volume, master tone and a blend control, this setup will quickly become your favoured Strat wiring setup.

The blend control allows you to dial in the neck pickup at will, allowing all 3 pickups to be on simultaneously or the popular, "quacky" Telecaster like neck + bridge combo.

Our solderless Strat harness sits on a pre-cut aluminium grounding plate which simply drops into your pickguard.

Switch & blender function;

Blender on 10 (plays like a normal Strat®)

- Position 1: Bridge
- Position 2: Bridge & middle
- Position 3: Middle
- Position 4: Middle and neck
- Position 5: Neck

Blender on 1

- Position 1: Bridge with neck faded in
- Position 2: Bridge and middle with neck faded in
- Position 3: Middle
- Position 4: Middle and neck with bridge faded in
- Position 5: Neck with bridge faded in

Harness features:

3 x "TVT" CTS 250k split shaft pot (7% tolerance)
1 x CRL USA 5 way switch
1 x Prewired Switchcraft 1/4'' jack socket
1 x PIO (paper in oil) 0.047uF capacitor
1 x treble pass capacitor (treble bleed mod)
Wired using Gavitt cloth wire
1 x Strat shielding plate
Easy to follow installation instructions

This harness will fit genuine USA, Mexican and Squire Fender models. Dimensions of Strat copies can vary.

Installation requires a small philips screwdriver.

Est. Delivery: 1-2 days.