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SG Wiring Harness (Coil Split) | Six String Supplies

SG Wiring Harness (Coil Split)

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Our best selling SG wiring harness is now available with coil splits.

This SG harness features a set of CTS TVT (true vintage taper) pots and our premium PIO capacitors.

Wired and grounded using vintage style Gavitt braided guitar wire, this SG wiring harness is wired in the popular "50's style" but also enables coil splitting via the push pull tone controls, giving an extra dimension to your tonal range.

SG Wiring Harness Features:

- 4 x CTS "TVT" 500k pots (True Vintage Taper)
- 2 x SSS 0.022uF PIO (Paper in Oil) Capacitors
- 1 x Switchcraft L-type switch (+ deep threaded nut)
- 1 x Switchcraft long thread 1/4'' mono jack socket
- Braided Gavitt cloth wire
- Heat shrink tubing insulation

As with each harness we measure the resistance and capacitance of each component and ensure they are all within 5% of each other. This, along with the popular 50's style wiring, gives a consistent, more rounded sweep on the volume and tone controls.

Will this fit my Guitar?

Note - this kit will only work with four lead wire pickups.

This prewired SG harness will fit genuine Gibson® & Epiphone® SG's without modification. The deep threaded nut is included with the toggle switch to ensure the thread goes through thicker topped bodies.

This can fit imported models and SG copies but you may be required to drill the tone/volume controls to M10 diameter and the toggle switch to M12.

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