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Telecaster® Wiring Harness | Six String Supplies

Telecaster® Wiring Harness


This prewired Telecaster® harness is perfect for your home-built guitar projects, upgrading the electronics of imported models or copies and for re-wiring jobs, as well as the stock electronics in many DIY guitar kits.

- SSS Premium Taper® 250k solid shaft pots (CTS)
- CRL USA 3-way spring action switch
- Treble bleed circuit
- Pre-wired Switchcraft USA 1/4'' jack
- SSS Premium 0.047uF PIO (paper in oil) capacitor
- Vintage tinned-copper "buss" ground wire
- Gavitt cloth wire
-Easy to read Telecaster® wiring diagram to attach your pickups

CRL switches are renowned for their high quality and are the switch of choice for high end guitars and guitar techs worldwide. The spring action offers incredibly high and consistent performance over a long period of time.

Treble Bleed Mod
One frustration with the Telecaster® wiring setup is the treble loss as volume is rolled back. Commonly when the volume knob is turned to below 7-8, the tone starts to get muddy. This Telecaster® harness features a treble bleed circuit on the volume control which counteracts this and retains the high end frequencies at lower volume levels.

PIO Tone capacitor
Constructed in the USA these paper in oil capacitors are made using using vintage spec aluminium foil and Kraft paper, impregnated with castor oil and hand soldered before being hermetically sealed in their cans. All measured to a capacitance tolerance of +/- 5%.

Will this fit my guitar?
Our Telecaster® Wiring harness is wired into genuine Fender® USA/MIM control plates. If installing into an imported model/DIY guitar kit you will need to ensure the holes on the control plate will take CTS pots (approx. M10).

You may also be required to purchase new control knobs. The CTS pots in this prewired Tele® kit are solid shaft and will require imperial sized knobs (screw fit).

Please note prewired kit orders take 5 business days to assemble and pack. Refer to our shipping policy