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Prewired Toggle Switch (cloth wire) | Six String Supplies

Prewired Toggle Switch (cloth wire)


Est. Delivery: 1-2 days.

A top quality prewired Switchcraft toggle switch ensuring installation is as easy as possible.

There are 4 different coloured wires in total; red, blue, yellow and black.

Yellow - output to jack
Black - ground
Red - to neck volume
Blue - to bridge volume

This is a high quality toggle switch and a worthy investment. Each solder joint is protected within rubber tubing for a longer lasting, more durable product.

Choose form either the classic long frame switch or the short frame version.

The long frame version comes with the deep threaded nut.

Long frame for Gibson Les Pauls, short frame for non-Gibson.

This switch is recommended with our Jimmy Page wiring harness.

If you prefer, we also offer a toggle switch wired in the "Gibson" style using braided guitar wire.

Est. Delivery: 1-2 days.