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Prewired Switchcraft® Toggle Switch


Prewired Switchcraft® USA 3-way toggle switch to fit Gibson Les Paul. The switch is ready to go into your guitar - simply cut the braided wires to length. The lead wires are long enough for a full size Gibson USA Les Paul so you can cut them to length to fit several styles of guitar.

This switch is wired using "Gibson style" braided cloth wire and heat shrink tubing around the solder joints providing extra insulation and a more durable toggle switch.

There are three lead wires - two connect to the volume pots and the third goes to the jack. The wires are colour coded for easy installation:

Yellow - output to jack
Red - to neck volume
Blue - to bridge volume

Choose from either short frame or the classic Gibson (long frame) replacement.

The long frame version will fit genuine Gibson USA Les Paul and ES guitars. The deep threaded nut is included with it. Please note Les Paul Studio models take the short frame switch.

The short frame version has a longer thread length and is recommended for Epiphone, Tokai and other Les Paul copies.

Note - if fitting into a non Gibson Les Paul, you may be required to drill your toggle switch hole to M12 diameter. Many imported guitars use smaller diameter toggle switches.

The below video shows you how to install this switch into a Les Paul.

This switch comes with either a black, amber or cream switch tip, depending on availability.