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Pre-Wired Output jack | Six String Supplies

Pre-Wired Output jack


A pre-wired genuine Switchcraft USA 1/4'' mono jack.

Perfect as a replacement for your Strat or Tele.

These prewired jacks are wired using vintage style push back cloth guitar wire (Gavitt) with heat shrink tubing around the joints providing extra insulation and a more durable jack. Having a well wired and insulated jack is essential as it will reduce the unwanted feedback and prevent the naked lugs of the jack from coming into contact with any shielding materials (ie. copper foil or EMI shielding paint) in the jack cavity and potentially creating a short.

Wires twisted together for noise cancelling effect.

Switchcraft have been supplying jacks into the guitar industry for over 70 years and are the preferred choice of guitarists, techs and builders worldwide.

These prewired jacks are perfect for Strat/Tele style guitars.

Please note - this prewired jack socket can not be used with our prewired toggle switch.

Did you know...?
In the 1930s, the telephone industry was booming. Switchcraft was a growing company supplying connectors for old school switchboards until Leo Fender approached them about using their output jacks in his guitars...