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Orange Drop Capacitor 0.015 | Six String Supplies

Orange Drop Capacitor 0.015

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100v 0.015uF orange drop capacitor.

Slightly lower value than the 0.022uF - the 0.015 capacitor is popular in neck position of a Les Paul with its 0.022uF counterpart in the bridge position, offering a perfectly balanced tone circuit.

The neck position in a Les Paul is fairly heavy as it is so using a slightly less aggressive capacitor gives it a slightly smoother roll off.

eBay "myth" has it that the 0.015uF capacitor creates Eric Clapton's famous "woman tone" - this is not true. Given the number of guitars Mr Clapton has owned over the years and considering capacitor technology back in the day, its likely a standard 0.022 capacitor in one of his guitars had a wider tolerance range.

The 0.015 cap however, is useful for allowing more treble through.

Voltage: 100v
Value: 0.015uF

Est. Delivery: 1-2 days.