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Orange Drop Capacitors


Orange drop capacitors are a perfect upgrade capacitor offering beautiful sonic clarity compared to many factory standard ceramic caps in low end models.

We stock 100v guitar friendly sized orange drops in a range of values ranging from 0.001uF to 0.1uF.

0.001uF - commonly used as part of a treble bleed network
0.015uF - a nice alternative to the 0.022uF in the neck position of a Les Paul, for example.
0.022uf capacitor is typically used with humbuckers or single coil equipped guitars.
0.047uF is typically paired with single coils.

We also offer 0.033uF for that middle ground and a 0.1uF for that darker, vintage tone often found in Strats.

Orange drop capacitors are the choice of luthiers, techs and guitarists worldwide and are famous for their sweet, mellow tones.

Value - 0.001uF/0.015uF/0.022uF/0.033uF/0.047uF/0.1uF
Voltage rating - 100v
Capacitance Tolerance - 10%

A simple and costs effective way to improve the tonal performance of your guitar.

Are these Sprague orange drops? No - there is no such thing anymore. Sprague went out of business a long time ago and the "orange drop" product line changed hands a few times before being sold to Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE) in 2012.