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Oak Grigsby Super Switch - 2 pole | Six String Supplies

Oak Grigsby Super Switch - 2 pole


2 pole 5 way superswitch manufactured by Oak Grigsby (Electroswitch).

This switch lets you wire guitars in imaginative ways not possible with a traditional 5-way blade switch. It's a special 2-pole switch with six lugs per pole (one common and one each for the five lever positions.

The added terminals allow a level of flexibility and control that is not possible on classic blade switches. This switch is ideal for either Strat® or Tele® circuits to enable series/parallel and phase options.


Body cavity depth required: 34.93mm
Mounting screw spacing: 41.28mm
Lever: 1.27mm x 4.82mm
5-Position Lever (2-Pole Superswitch)

Oak Grigsby p/n 51720

Need a new switch tip?

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