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OAK Grigsby 4-Way Tele® Switch | Six String Supplies

OAK Grigsby 4-Way Tele® Switch

£11.45 - £99.95

Play a Telecaster® but looking for a little more tonal variation from using two single coils?

This OAK Grigsby USA 4-way switch for Tele offers the classic 3 position of a normal switch but the 4th position allows both pickups to be played in series, offering a fuller, fatter sound, a little like a humbucler. This is the same quality switch found in our 4 way Telecaster wiring kit.

The 4 way OAK Grisgby switch can be installed either way round - it works both ways. There is a 4 way Tele mod wiring diagram demonstrating how to wire the switch. Minor modification to your neck pickup is required, during which you need to un-ground the metal casing from the pickup and add a third ground wire from the casing to the back of the volume pot.

Centre to centre mounting holes = 41mm
Cavity depth required = 36.5mm

For full installation instructions including how to wire the switch and re-ground the neck pickup, read our step by step guide on the 4 way Tele wiring mod.