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Matched CTS "TVT" Pots | Six String Supplies

Matched CTS "TVT" Pots

£13.95 - £31.95

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We are proud to be stocking "TVT" (True Vintage Taper) CTS pots.

For those who are meticulous about their guitar wiring, we are able to offer sets of matching pots for ultimate performance in your guitar project.

CTS "TVT" pots are manufactured to a tolerance of 10% as standard as opposed to many CTS pots which are manufactured with a 20% tolerance.

We will go even further than that by offering sets of matched pots for your dream project.

Each pot is hand selected and measured to within +/-5k of each other.

Please note - we do not believe matching pots makes any audible difference to your tone whatsoever. Pots are made to a tolerance of 10%-20% for a good reason - the human ear will not detect any audible difference.

"True Vintage Taper"

- Smooth torque (36-144gcm) with no flattening or sudden drop off. Not too soft and not too hard.
- Non-linear vintage taper
- Longer life brass shaft and bushing
- +/- 5k tolerance

Choose from any of the below combinations:

2 x 250k solid shaft (Telecaster)
3 x 250k split shaft (Stratocaster)
4 x 500k long shaft (Les Paul)
4 x 500k short shaft (Les Paul)

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