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Loaded Telecaster® Control Plate | Six String Supplies

Loaded Telecaster® Control Plate

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A fully loaded Telecaster® control plate which is ready to install straight into your guitar.

This prewired Tele® control plate is the perfect upgrade for many imported models, partscasters, DIY guitar kits and rewiring jobs. All of our prewired kits use only the finest components.


- Nickel control plate (Fender® USA dimensions)
- Nickel screw fit Telecaster control knobs
- 2 x SSS Premium Taper® 250k pots (CTS)
- 1 x CRL USA spring action 3 way switch
- 1 x 0.047uF SSS Premium PIO (paper in oil) capacitor
- 1 x Switch tip
- Treble pass capacitor on volume (known as the treble bleed mod)
- Wiring diagram for easy assembly

This prewired Telecaster® control plate consists of one of our Telecaster® wiring harness loaded into top of the range Japanese made nickel hardware.

Will This Fit My Guitar?

The "Made in Japan" nickel control plate is made to Fender® dimensions and will fit Mexican and USA made Telecasters with no modification required. It will fit imported models and partscasters but the control plate dimensions might be different - you may be required to drill into your body.

Easy Installation

All you need to do is attach your pickups and the ground from the bridge and you are ready to go. An easy to read wiring diagram is provided for easy installation.

Choose from either the classic 3 way Telecaster® setup or add some mojo with the 4 way switch, which allows you to put the neck and bridge pickups in series.

Comes with either a barrel switch tip or tap hat switch tip depending on availability.

Please note prewired kit orders take 5 business days to assemble and pack. Refer to our shipping policy