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Les Paul Harness (Out Of Phase)


Introducing the latest addition to our wiring looms range - this prewired Les Paul harness makes use of a phase reverse switch, allowing you to flip the polarity of the bridge pickup, putting the pickups out of phase.

The baby sister to our Jimmy Page harness, this kit is very easy to install and offers a unique addition to your tonal range.

Despite our own "Page" harness offering "the full works" with coil splitting, series/parallel and phase switching, Mr Page himself really only tended to use the phase switching when the toggle switch was in the middle position - that is exactly what we have recreated with this harness.

Please note this harness requires 4 conductor lead wire pickups

Out of Phase Harness Features:
- 3 x SSS Premium Taper® 500k pots (CTS)
- 1 x CTS 500k push pull pot
- 2 x 0.022uF SSS Premium® PIO capacitors
- Easy to follow wiring diagram.

If you need a new switch, our prewired Switchcraft toggle is a great addition to this harness.

Will this kit fit my guitar?
As with all of our prewired guitar & bass looms, this harness uses US sized (imperial) components. The kit will fit genuine USA models with no modification required. It can be used in any Les Paul copy but most far eastern made copies use metric parts. In this case, you might be required to ream the volume and tone holes to 10mm diameter.

Long shaft or short shaft
Choose from either long or short shaft pots. Long shaft are typically used for Gibson® guitars or thicker carved topped guitars. Short shaft pots are suitable for Epiphone Les Paul models or flatter bodied models.

Please note prewired kit orders take 5 business days to assemble and pack. Refer to our shipping policy