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Les Paul Junior® Wiring Kit | Six String Supplies

Les Paul Junior® Wiring Kit

£24.95 - £36.90

Sometimes simple is wonderful. Our most simple wiring kit for one of the worlds most popular guitars - the Les Paul® Jr. This kit is perfect for your home built guitars or to upgrade the electronics on an imported model or that come with many DIY guitar kits.

The Les Paul Junior® wiring kit features some of the finest components on the market today. This kit can be used for the Les Pau®l or SG Junior.

Kit consists of:

- 2 x SSS Premium Taper® 500k split shaft pots (CTS)
- 1 x Switchcraft 1/4'' extra long thread mono jack socket
- 2ft "Gibson style" braided guitar wire
- 1 x 0.022uF orange drop capacitor
- Heat shrink rubber tubing
- Easy to read wiring diagram
- Optional SSS Premium PIO capacitor upgrade

Braided guitar wire is essentially two wires in one - where the outer braid acts as the ground while the inner cloth wire is used as the hot connecting to the volume and jack lugs. It was and still is used in the majority of Gibson® Les Paul's, SG's, Junior's and other notable high end models.

Matched Pots
We will hand select and test both of the 500k audio pots in this wiring kit to ensure tight and accurate tolerances. We will strive to select 2 pots as close to 500k as possible.

Will this fit my guitar?
This Les Paul Junior® wiring kit will genuine Gibson® guitars. It can also be used in any guitar as long as you are prepared for some modification.

If installing into an LP/SG copy or an imported model, it is likely that you will have to drill the control knob holes to a larger diameter (M10) The pot shafts are 9.52mm and the majority of pots on imported models use smaller diameter pots. The same applies for the control knobs themselves - you may be required to purchase imperial control knobs.

We stock a range of "Gibson®" style control knobs for this wiring kit.

For detailed installation instructions, refer to our guide on wiring a Les Paul Junior®.