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Six String Supplies — Jazz Bass® Wiring Harness

Jazz Bass® Wiring Harness


Est. Delivery: 1-2 days

Prewired kit for Fender® Jazz Bass®.

This prewired Jazz Bass® kit is perfect for upgrading the stock electronics in DIY guitar kits, partscaster projects or general rewiring jobs.

Jazz Bass® Harness includes;

- 3 x CTS "TVT" 250k solid shaft pots (True Vintage Taper)
- 1 x Switchcraft USA 1/4'' jack socket
- 0.047uF paper in oil capacitor
- "Vintage style" cloth wire
- Traditional tinned copper ground wire (aka "buss wire")
- Wiring diagram for easy installation.

Will this fit my guitar?

This Jazz Bass® wiring kit will fit genuine Fender® models with no modification necessary. If installing into an eastern import, you may be required to either drill your control plate holes to a larger diameter (M10) or choose a new control plate.


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Est. Delivery: 1-2 days