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HSS Stratocaster Wiring Harness | Six String Supplies

HSS Stratocaster Wiring Harness

£94.95 - £97.95

Finally, after far too long in development, we offer our prewired HSS Stratocaster loom, which balances single coils and a humbucker in the same circuit.

HSS Strat setups often stump techs, modders and players alike:

- How to balance the single coil pickups with the humbucker?
- Which pot values do I use?
- What capacitor values should I use?

Our HSS wiring harness uses a combination of both 250k pots and 500k pots. The use of 470k resistors ensures that when the single coil pickups are selected, they "see" 250k, whilst when the humbucker is selected, it "sees" 500k. It uses a 0.022uF capacitor for the humbucker tone control and 0.047uF capacitor for the single coil tone control.

SSS Premium Taper® Pots:

This kit features our flagship Premium Taper® CTS pots. We teamed up with CTS to design these pots to our exact specifications. The end result is a pot with the perfect taper for guitarists.


5) Humbucker full
4) Humubcker split + Middle
3) Middle
2) Middle + neck
1) Neck

HSS Wiring Harness Features:

1 x OAK Grigsby 5 way "superswitch"
2 x 500k SSS Premium Taper® CTS pots
1 x 250k SSS Premium Taper® CTS pot
1 x 0.022uF SSS Premium PIO capacitor
1 x 0.047 uF SSS Premium PIO capacitor
2 x 470k resistors
1 x treble bleed capacitor (optional)
1 x Prewired Switchcraft 1/4'' jack socket
Heat shrink rubber tubing
HSS Strat Wiring diagram

Need you control knobs/switch tips?
Please note CTS pots and OAK/CRL switches will not take import control knobs. If you need you control knobs, they are available here.

This prewired kit requires a 4 lead wire conductor humbucker for installation.

Please note prewired kit orders take 5 business days to assemble and pack. Refer to our shipping policy