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House of Tone "Tru PAF"

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The best selling and award winning PAF Humbuckers from House of Tone.

Described as the most authentic PAF tone available by The Guitar Magazine, the House of Tone Tru PAF set was designed after 2 years of research and development after having repaired, measured and listened to dozens of original PAF pickups.

These recreations of the fabled PAF are matched as a set of Alnico II bridge and Alnico V neck using 42 awg plain enamel wire giving the classic sounds of PAFs in each position.

Their butyrate bobbins and wood spacers with 50's type, low carbon steel parts work together to give that classic and unique PAF sound which is so often described as a P90 tone without the hum.

These come with vintage braided guitar hook up wire and unpotted just like the originals. TruPAFs are the most lively and dynamic humbuckers available from House of Tone.


DC Resistance: Bridge 7.2k, neck 7.4k
Wire: 42 AWG plain enamel magnet wire
Magnets: Alnico II (bridge) Alnico V (neck)
Unpotted coils
Butyrate bobbins
Nickel Silver covers

The Tru PAF is available with vintage braid or with 4 conductor hook up wire which makes it the perfect partner for our Jimmy Page harness.

For a demo of these pickups being put through their paces, click here.

These pickups were awarded 10/10 by The Guitar Magazine. Click here to read their review.