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House of Tone 1960 S-Types | Six String Supplies

House of Tone 1960 S-Types

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The House of Tone 1960 S-Type pickups are made to the same specs of the early 60's models.

A bright, biting bridge pickup, a defined middle and a full, creamy neck pickup which are perfect for early Hendrix, funk and blues of all kinds. The vintage spec 42 awg formvar wire used from the late 50s-early 60s gives a good attack on the front edge of the note and the staggered hand bevelled Alnico V poles complete the vintage tone.

Comes with cloth covered hook up leads and a choice of white or parchment covers.

The House 1960 S-Types are lightly wax potted to retain a lively response whilst offering protection from the more lively micro phonic feedback.

All three pickups in the set are wound to the approx same resistance of 6.25k with the middle pickup being reverse wound reverse polarity to allow hum cancelling in positions 2 and 4.


DCR: 6.25K all three
RWRP middle pickup
Alnico V magnets
Lightly wax potted

Every set of House of Tone Pickups comes in it's wooden, eco-friendly packaging.

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LIsten to each pickup using the sound clips below.