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1/4 W Carbon Film Resistors | Six String Supplies

1/4 W Carbon Film Resistors


Resistors can play an integral part in a guitar circuit - subtle changes can make a dramatic difference to your tone.

Checkour our video guides to using resistors.

For example, you can use resistors in the 2.2k - 4.7k range to do partial coil splits.
100k-150k are ideal for use on treble bleed capacitors
470k resistors are used in circuits that combine both humbuckers and single coils. If using 500k pots, soldering a 470k resistor from the pickup to ground ensures the pickup in question actually sees 250k.


5% tolerance
Carbon film
Power rating: 0.25W
Max voltage 250v
Length: 6mm
Diameter: 2.3mm