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Guitar Copper Shielding & Wire Kit | Six String Supplies

Guitar Copper Shielding & Wire Kit


Est. Delivery: 1-2 days.

All you need for wiring and copper shielding your guitar in one value pack kit.

A well shielded guitar prevents electro-magnetic interference (EMI) from other electronic devices which results in electronic feedback...and not the good feedback either.

This kit gives you all you need.

- 6ft of cloth guitar hookup wire (3ft black, 3 ft cream)
- 10ft of copper shielding tape (50mm width)
- 5 cable ties
- 4 lengths of 3.5mm diameter heat shrink tubing (12cm length)
- 4 lengths of 7mm diameter heat shrink tubing (12cm length).

The copper shielding tape is easy to use - no tears and fully conductive throughout - no soldering required.

The heat shrink tubing is used to insulate and protect key solder joints (ie. on the jack or individual pot lugs) or to funnel wires in the same direction.

Shielding a Stratocaster

Est. Delivery: 1-2 days.