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Free-Way 6 Way Blade Switch 3B3-01 | Six String Supplies

Free-Way 6 Way Blade Switch 3B3-01


The Free-Way 3B3-01 model enables 6-position switching in a Blade format which is directly interchangeable with conventional 3-way selectors, adding an extra dimension to wiring possibilities in a classic Telecaster®.

Featuring 2 banks of three switch positions, the lower bank of 3 positions delivers the classic 3 way Tele® wiring that we are all familiar with pickup combinations just as normal - but the upper bank enables putting the two pickups: in series; in series reverse phase; in parallel reverse phase, thereby providing every possible tonal combination from a two pickup guitar.

Alternatively the 3B3-01 can be used with 2 humbuckers in an HH Tele® setup which can be configured as above or coil-split in the upper bank. Visually undetectable when fitted, the 3B3-01 delivers incredible tonal flexibility.


Required cavity depth: 34mm
Lever slot: 28mm x 2mm
Total length: 50mm
Thickness: 15.6mm

For full dimensions refer to photos.