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Free-Way 10 Way Blade Switch 5B5-01 | Six String Supplies

Free-Way 10 Way Blade Switch 5B5-01


Introducing Free-Way blade switches - the 5B5-01 model delivers 10-position switching! Imagine the possibilities with that! The Free Way 5B5-01 is a direct replacement for a conventional 5 way switch in a Strat®, such as CRL or Oak Grisgby but offers 10 way switching.

Featuring two banks of 5 positions, the lower bank of 5 positions provides all of the classic pickup combinations we know and love - but the upper bank contains the missing parallel combinations (neck + bridge) & (neck + middle + bridge) as well as offering all three pickups in series together, offering higher output tones not normally associated with a single coil loaded Strat®.

Visually undetectable when fitted, the 5B5-01 delivers incredible tonal flexibility and offers an extra dimension to the Strat® wiring setup.


Required cavity depth: 34mm
Lever slot: 28mm x 2mm
Total length: 50mm
Thickness: 15.6mm

For full dimensions refer to photos.

Available with black or white switch tip.