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ES 335® Wiring Kit | Six String Supplies

ES 335® Wiring Kit

£61.95 - £80.95

Wiring kit to suit ES 335® and Casino/Dot type guitars.

Our wiring kits consist of some of the best components available to r-wire your guitar and they are great for upgrading the stock electronics in Epiphone® guitars, imported models, copies and partscasters/DIY guitar projects.

Wiring Kit Includes;

- 1 x Classic Switchcraft toggle switch (+ deep threaded nut)
- 1 x Switchcraft 1/4'' long threaded jack socket
- 4 x SSS Premium Taper® 500k split shaft pots (CTS)
- 2 x 0.022uf orange drop capacitors
- 4ft of braided guitar wire
- Heat shrink rubber tubing
- Wiring diagram
- Optional SSS Premium PIO capacitor upgrade

The components featured in our ES 335® wiring kit are industry standard.

Top Quality Components

CTS and Switchcraft are the two go-to manufacturers in electronics and circuit control and are the "go-to" choice for guitar builders, luthiers and guitar techs worldwide.

Orange drop capacitors are known throughout the industry for their sweet, mellow tones and have fast become the most economic, highest quality capacitor.

Will This Fit My Guitar?

Our ES 335® wiring kit will fit Gibson® and Epiphone® guitars with no modification required. It can be made to fit the vast majority of imported models and copies but you may be required to drill the tone, volume and jack socket holes to 10mm diameter and the toggle switch to 12mm.

This kit is not limited to ES 335® models - it will also suit Casino, Dot and others.

Read our step by step guide to wiring an ES 335 for installation tips and advice.