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Six String Supplies — Les Paul® Wiring Kit - Short Shaft

Les Paul® Wiring Kit - Short Shaft


Est. Delivery: 1-2 days

The short frame version of our Les Paul® wiring kit.

Featuring short shaft pots and a short frame Switchcraft® toggle switch, this wiring kit is perfect for Epiphone® Les Pauls or other flat topped Les Paul® copies.

Les Paul® wiring kit:

- 4 x CTS "TVT" (True Vintage Taper) 500k pots (short shaft)
- 1 x Switchcraft toggle switch short frame)
- 2 x 0.022uF 100v orange drop capacitors
- 1 x Switchcraft 1/4'' mono jack socket
- 12cm heat shrink rubber tubing
- 4ft braided "Gibson® style" guitar wire
- 1ft black cloth wire
- 1ft tinned copper ground wire
- Wiring diagram

Our wiring kits are perfect for re-wiring jobs or upgrading the stock electronics in many imported models or DIY guitar kits to the same standard as high end guitars.

Will this fit my guitar?

The pot shaft diameter is 9.52mm so you may be required to drill the tone and volume holes to M10 diameter.

The toggle switch requires a M12 diameter hole.

You may need to replace your control knobs - the CTS pots fit imperial/US control knobs whereas many eastern imported guitars come with metric pots and knobs. We stock a range of control knobs to suit our wiring kits.

For full installation instructions including how to wire the toggle switch - how to wire a Les Paul®


  • Amber tip 4 in-stock
  • Cream tip 5 in-stock
  • Black tip 5 in-stock

Est. Delivery: 1-2 days