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CTS Push Pull Pot 500k (Long Shaft) | Six String Supplies

CTS Push Pull Pot 500k (Long Shaft)


Add an extra dimension to your playing with a push pull pot. CTS pots have long been the choice for high end US guitars (notably Fender and Gibson).

On these top of the range pots, the double pole-double throw (DPDT) switch adds many wiring options, including coil splitting a humbucker or switching a pickup in or out of phase.

Our CTS push pull pots include a longer life brass shaft and a tighter 7% +/- tolerance unlike many other pots currently available on the market.

The long shaft version is used for Les Paul guitars or other arched/carved top guitars with a thicker body.

Each pot comes with two mounting nuts (one for easy height adjustment), lock washer and dress washer.

Allows multiple wiring options including coil splitting, series/parallel switching and phase switching.


Thread - 3/8'' x 32
Thread height - 3/4'' (19.05mm)
Required hole diameter - 3/8'' (9.52mm)
Required cavity depth - 1'' (25.4mm)
Taper: Audio/log

This is a high quality push pull pot with a printed circuit board on the side of the pot.

For more information on working with these, refer to our CTS push pull pot wiring guide.