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CRL 5 Way Switch | Six String Supplies

CRL 5 Way Switch

£14.95 - £129.95

CRL 5 way pickup selector switch. This is a traditional spring-action lever switch. Suitable for all Strat® style guitars.

Durable, reliable and noise free, CRL switches are the premier choice of guitar techs and luthiers and are found in many high end guitars, notably Fender® Custom Shop. The CRL blade switch was the traditional switch of choice for the original Stratocaster® in the 1950s (although it was actually the 3 way version!)

This CRL 5 way switch comes included in our Strat® wiring kit.

CRL blade switches are of the highest quality, superior to other blade switches available on the market - when it comes to guitar electronics, you should only deal with the best.

Wiring diagram available here.


Centre to centre of the two mounting holes - 41mm
Cavity depth required: 34mm
Lever: 1.32mm x 4.78mm
Pickguard slot: 1.59mm x 27mm

Mounting screws included.

Manufactured by Electroswitch in the USA. Part no: E2G0205S-15

Available individually or in bulk packs of 10.