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Six String Supplies — Copper Shielding Tape

Copper Shielding Tape

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50mm wide guitar copper shielding tape - perfect for creating that Faraday cage required to block external signals such as stage lights, speakers and other electrical interference.

Most factory guitars come with poor EMI (electrical magnetic interference) shielding, if any at all. Simply creating a shield around your electronic circuit helps to eliminate this interference as much as possible.

This copper shielding tape sticks well, does not tear easily like many others available and has perfect connectivity throughout - no soldering required.

Popular areas of shielding include the guitar's control cavity, pickup cavities and under the pickguard.


Width: 50mm

Sold in 10ft lengths

If you're a gardener, this tape is also handy as a slug repellent - more so than your typical garden centre tape.

Shielding a Stratocaster

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