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"Bostin" Single Coil | Six String Supplies

"Bostin" Single Coil


Introducing our "Bostin" single coil set.

3 identical pickups, with a resistance of 6.2k. (5% tolerance)

Hand wound right here at Six String Supplies HQ, these pickups sit on grey and black fibreboard bobbin with lightly bevelled Alnico V magnets.

The Bostin' set gives a tight bottom end, a smooth mid range and brings a fair amount of angst into play with a top end to maintain that bell like clarity that makes the single coil pickup one of the most popular pickups since it's introduction in the early 1950's.

The middle pickup is reverse wound reverse phase (RWRP) to aid hum cancelling in positions 2 and 4.

Gavitt push back cloth lead wire. (yellow wire denotes RWRP middle pickup)


Neck - north up
Middle - south up (RWRP)
Bridge - north up

All of our single coil pickups are only lightly wax potted to achieve the balance of reducing hum but not deadening the tone.


- Resistance: 6.2k(+/- 5% )
- Wire: 42 AWG heavy formvar

Handwound in the Black Country at Six String Supplies HQ.