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"Bobowler" Single Coil | Six String Supplies

"Bobowler" Single Coil


Introducing our "Bobowler" single coil set.

3 similar spec scatter-wound pickups, with a resistance of 5.75k. (5% tolerance)

These pickups are warm, have a nice tight bottom end, chimey top end and a fluttery mid-range.

The bobbins are assembled in house here at Six String Supplies using Alnico V magnets.

Hound wound using 42 AWG heavy build formvar magnet wire, just as they were in the late 50s.


Neck - north up (5.75k)
Middle - north up (5.75k)
Bridge - north up (5.75k)

All of our single coil pickups are only lightly wax potted to achieve the balance of reducing hum but not deadening the tone.

All of our pickups are handwound here at Six String Supplies HQ.