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7-Way Stratocaster® Harness | Six String Supplies

7-Way Stratocaster® Harness


A versatile wiring upgrade for your Fender® Strat® and similar models.

This prewired 7 way harness gives you all the tonal variety of the classic 5 way system as well as two more switch positions. One common downfall of the Strat® is that you can not play all three single coils simultaneously or the neck and bridge pickups together.

Equipped with a CTS push pull pot - you can use the volume switch to activate the bridge pickup with whatever selection the 5 way switch setting is on.

For example:

- If you are playing neck only, the push pull activates the bridge.
- Neck and middle pickup, the push pull activates the bridge.

This allows you to play all three pickups together or the neck and bridge together.

This harness consists of;
- 2 x SSS Premium Taper® 250k pots (CTS)
- 1 x 250k CTS push pull pot (audio)
- 1 x SSS Premium 0.047uF PIO capacitor
- 1 x CRL spring action 5-way switch
- Prewired Switchcraft 1/4'' jack socket
- Wiring diagram

This harness uses some of the finest components available on the market and makes use of push back cloth guitar wire which goes a long way to reducing unwanted electronic feedback which is sadly common in single coil pickup guitars.

The ground wire is "buss" wire (tinned copper), traditional used in guitar circuits.

Installation instructions and wiring diagram provided.

Please note - whilst this kit is prewired, you will be required to connect the two jack leads to the jack and of course solder your choice of pickups to the switch/back of volume pot. If your Strat® does not have a ground plate under the pickguard you will need to ground the circuit to the tremolo claw.

Will this fit my guitar?
This harness is designed to fit genuine Fender® USA Stratocasters but will fit a whole range of imported models too.

The pot shaft diameter is 9.52mm so if installing into an imported model you may be required to drill the pickguard holes to 10mm.

You will also need imperial control knobs - many control knobs on imported models are designed to fit small (metric) pots. You will need imperial knobs that fit the larger, USA size pots. We carry a range of popular styles to suit this prewired kit. Visit our guitar control knobs section.

You will need a cavity depth of 3.5cm.

Please note prewired kit orders take 5 business days to assemble and pack. Refer to our shipping policy