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4 Way Telecaster® Harness


Est. Delivery: 1-2 days

A prewired Telecaster® upgrade - the Tele® 4 way mod gives you the glory of the classic 3 way switch tonal range, plus a new switch position enabling you to play both the neck and bridge pickups in series together, offering a fuller, fatter tone.

Switch Controls:
4. Neck and bridge in series
3. Neck pickup
2. Neck and bridge in parallel
1. Bridge pickup

4 Way Telecaster® Harness includes:
- 2 x CTS "TVT" 250k solid shaft pots (True Vintage Taper)
- 1 x OAK Grigsby 4 way switch
- 1 x 0.047uF PIO tone capacitor
- 1 x Treble bleed circuit mod
- 1 x Switchcraft 1/4'' jack
- Vintage style guitar cloth wire/tinned copper wire
- Wiring diagram

Treble Bleed Cap
The 4 way Tele® harness also includes a treble bleed circuit on the volume control - one down side of many guitars is the loss of high end frequences when the volume is dialed back which can give a fuzzy, muffled tone. The treble bleed negates this, offering more clarity at low volumes and a more uniform volume sweep.

Will This Fit My Guitar?
This harness will fit genuine Fender® USA/MIM Telecasters with no modification. It can be installed into any Telecaster® copy, imported model or DIY guitar kit but you may have to make some minor modifications. The CTS pot shaft diameter is 9.52 so you will need to ensure the holes on the control plate are drilled to M10 diameter.

NOTE - to install the 4 way Telecaster® harness into your guitar, you will need to make a minor modification to your neck pickup. You need to un-ground the metal casing from the pickup and then reground the casing to the main circuit. Our guide to wiring a 4 way Telecaster® shows you how to do this.

Est. Delivery: 1-2 days