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Prewired Harnesses | Six String Supplies

Prewired Harnesses

Our premium guitar wiring harnesses are all hand wired and tested right here in the UK using the highest quality components from Switchcraft, CRL, CTS and others, including our SSS Premium PIO capacitors (paper in oil) and SSS Premium Taper® pots. We do prewired guitar kits for classic guitar and bass models such as Strat®, Tele® and Les Paul®.

Our prewired guitar kits are perfect for your DIY guitar builds, rewiring jobs or make great upgrades for the vast majority of stock electronics in US made guitars. Simply drop one of our wiring harnesses into your guitar, hook up your pickups and jack and you're ready to go. Guitar wiring can be a total pain - our kits take all of the hassle away for you.

Tight tolerances - Each component is measured with a multimeter to ensure tight and consistent tolerances. Guitar electronics is more than just the quality of component. Tight tolerances contribute to a high performing, well rounded guitar. Every SSS Premium Taper® CTS pot and capacitor is measured to ensure they fall within the tolerances we expect.

NOTE - each guitar wiring harness uses CTS (imperial sized) pots. If you are upgrading the electronics in an imported model or copy, you may be required to purchase imperial control knobs to suit. Each of our wiring harnesses comes on a template that can be used again for future wiring jobs and it's relevant wiring diagram. Installation instructions can also be found on our guitar wiring guides page.