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Guitar Pots

Potentiometers (pots) are used to control a variety of functions inside a guitar. They are essentially variable resistors that when turned control the amount of signal that passes through the circuit. Most often they function as tone and volume controls, but can also blend two pickups together, ground one coil of a humbucker and so on. The most common types of pots are 250kΩ for single coil pickups and 500kΩ for humbucker pickups.

There are a huge range of pots available on the market, many are quite simply not up to the high quality we aim for. This is why we recommend CTS – they are simply the best and used by many high end guitar manufacturers. Our selection of premium "TVT" (True Vintage Taper) CTS pots are a perfect electronic upgrade to any guitar. Our selecion of push pull pots can be used to coil split humbuckers or to play all three single coils at the same time in a Strat style guitar. We also offer a matched pots service. If you take your pot resistances seriously, get in touch with us either by phone or email and we will work with you to hand select matched pots for your next build or re-wiring job.

Each CTS pot is measured with the multimeter to ensure that they are within a tight tolerance - offering more rounded volume and tone controls.

We also stock left handed CTS pots and no load pots.